Engelbrink’s IDEA process


Richard Engelbrink's Problem Analysis

Inventions are designed to solve some type of problem or improve an existing scenario. Pay attention to the world around you and look for areas with room for improvement. Richard Engelbrink was always looking for ways to improve the systems around him. These are called the ‘outside in’ ideas.

There are also ideas referred to as ‘inside out’ ideas which start with some sort of scientific knowledge. When a lighter, stronger, more resilient material is invented as a result of applying this scientific knowledge, the invention was an inside out idea.

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Richard Measures the Amount of Improvement Desired

Measurement calculations are important in deciding if the invention is worth the effort. Calculate the difference in the current or void of idea, to the amount of benefit derived from  the desired solution. This was the difference between Richard Engelbrink’s good inventions and best inventions. Really great inventions bridge a bigger gap of improvement, thus increasing their value they will bring to the world and making the invention process more worthwhile.


RIchard Engelbrin's Idea of Valid and Marketable

Most inventions never make it to the market. Just because the inventor thought it was a great idea that solves a problem, doesn’t mean that enough other people will also see the same value thereby justifying the cost and effort required to push an invention to market. Do research in your community to see if others see the same value you do in your invention. Richard Engelbrink found value in many inventions which never made it to market. You can have a university research your invention to see from a professional and intellectual perspective if it is marketable. You may even hire a business analyst to help determine if the item is marketable.

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Richard's Invention Uniqueness

It is important to do research to see if your idea has already happened to another inventor. Richard Engelbrink did extensive research online and in University to find if his invention ideas had already been patented or even investigated.

If you find someone has already started working on the same item you have an idea for, then you might try to team up with them to work on your inventions together.  Often whole teams will work together on inventions which can create more dynamic ideas as each team member sees the project from a unique point of view.


Engelbrink's Invention Personality

Think about the style of your invention. Think about how that styling could make it more attractive, efficient, or even more cost effective. This is a good time to refer back to your measurement notes. Richard Engelbrink made his inventions from his personal style and they performed well in markets similar to his demographic.

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Richard Engelbrink Records and Saves Ideas

Write down your ideas for inventions. Richard Engelbrink would sketch ideas for inventions in a book and label them. Then write out your thoughts in detail becuase you will probably forget them. Becoming an inventor doesn’t happen overnight with one great idea. It is a skill that is learned over time like any other trade. Practice analyzing processes and coming up with creative solutions on a daily basis. Over time you will find a thought process that you can repeat over and over. It took Richard Engelbrink over 20 years to come up with his greatest inventions.   

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