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Richard Engelbrink Learned From Other Inventors

There is not one exact way to go from an idea for an invention to successfully selling in a market. One way to learn what might work for your invention is to research how other people in similar industries marketed their inventions. Richard Engelbrink was able to take his invention to market only after learning from other inventors in the same industry. He said that you cannot look at the marketing end from an inventor’s standpoint. Consumers buy products, not inventions.  

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Engelbrink measured the Market Demand

Research the area or sector where you are trying to market your invention. Is there already a comparable product that would render your invention redundant? Is your invention useful enough that people would want to spend money on it? It is important that your invention provides enough value to make it relevant to the sector you are marketing it for. Richard Engelbrink studied the markets before he completed the full invention process.   


Richard Engelbrink Researched Similar Patents

Even if you don’t find similar products already on the market, you may find that similar ideas or prototypes have already been patented. You can check with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to find any similarities between your potential patent and those which are already in existence. You could even see if your idea is an improvement on an existing patent and see if the other patent holder would want to team up together on the project. Richard Engelbrink researched other patents similar to the ones he was trying to have approved before trying to get his inventions to market.   

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Develop a Prototype with Richard

Once you have decided that your invention is a worthwhile venture, start working on a prototype. A prototype is a working model of your invention. It should function exactly as the final product would, however it may not have branding or finalized style, color, etc. This prototype is something that you should be able to take to meetings with potential investors who will help pay for the production costs to have your invention manufactured and marketed in retail settings. 


Make an Engelbrink Business Plan

When you go into meetings with investors you should have as much research and information as possible regarding your invention. You should be the expert on your invention and competing products. You should have statistics on the target market and present them in an organized and readable manner. Richard Engelbrink used Power Point presentations to present statistics to potential investors for his inventions. This is a great way to get the investors to help push your invention to market.   

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