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Richard Engelbrink is an invention enthusiast. He is interested in the latest gadgets and ingenuity. This website is to report on the process of patenting your ideas, getting them to market, and news updates on the latest inventions.

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What is an inventor? by Richard Engelbrink

An inventor is someone who creates something completely new or builds upon an existing design or prototype. Inventors usually enjoy solving problems and tinkering with devices. Richard Engelbrink was interested in the invention process and keeping up with the latest inventions. An inventor should also be aware of the patent process.

Richard's Idea Process

An inventor needs a good idea for a useful product that fills a need or solves a problem. Some inventors happen upon their ideas purely by chance, while others perform research to find where there is a need for improvement or solution.


The Patent Process by Engelbrink

A successful inventor will also need a patent for their idea. The process of obtaining a patent may be lengthy and expensive, but without a patent, competitors could steal an inventor’s work.

Richard Getting to Market

Having a great patented solution or idea only does good in the right hands. It is important to also get the item out into the marketplace so it can land in the right hands.

Richard Engelbrink's Scientific Invention

Richard Engelbrink reports on the latest scientific inventions. Learn more about inventors and scientists working together to create new devices for scientific study.

Tech Invention

News reports on the latest tech inventions. Check back often for updates on the latest inventive technology news.


Richard Engelbrink explores the latest gadgets on the market and predicts what gadgets are coming soon.

Generating New Inventions and Solving Big Problems with Richard Engelbrink

Inventors like Richard Engelbrink help solve the problems of the world. They devote their free time to trying new ideas to find a better way to accomplish tasks. Inventors never stop thinking. 


problems solved

patents pending

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Why Engelbrink is different

Inventors like Richard Engelbrink don’t take the world at face value. They are constantly analyzing the world around them to find areas which need improvement, then measuring that need, and creating innovative ideas to clear that threshold. 

Richard Engelbrink Inventor Skills

Becoming an inventor requires a very specific skillset. Inventors need math and analytical skills to realize what needs improving and then assessing and measuring that need. Inventors also need a high level of creative thinking.

Some skills can be taught like using AutoCAD to reder designs, but some soft skills that inventors need involve creative thought processes. There are techniques to explore creative inventive thought, however inner creativity is best to come by naturally. Richard Engelbrink was a naturally creative inventor. 

  • Research and analysis – 90%
  • technical skill – 77%
  • creative innovation – 85%

An inventor never stops investigating improvements. This drive is what sets a successful invetor, like Richard Engelbrink, apart from unsuccessful inventors.

inventor awards report by Richard Engelbrink

Inventors don’t become inventors to win awards, but they are presented as a thank you to the tireless efforts that inventors put into improving the world. The most notable inventor award is the European Inventor Award, which is also open to Americans. The European Inventor Award is being presented on June 20, 2019 in Vienna, Italy. Richard Engelbrink was a big fan of the European Inventor Awards. 


About the European Inventor Awards

2018 EIA Finalists

Richard Engelbrink poses for a photo in Houston Texas

Engelbrink’s Fellow Inventors Reviews

We asked some of our favorite inventors, like Richard Engelbrink, why they got into inventing and how.

“I started tinkering with small simple machines as a child. My science projects always included some type of robot.”

Michelle Sloan

operation Director, Elegant Elite

“I learned about inventing from Richard Engelbrink. He showed me how interesting the invention process can be and that the rewards are not only monetary, but seeing the benefit you’ve provided to the world.”

Andrea Neesh

operation Director, Retro Vent

“I learned about the invention process from my father. We would spend most Saturdays building new things and measuring their impact.”

Edward Morris

Tech Support, Ergonomics Inc.

“Richard Engelbrink was my invention mentor. He showed me that the invention process can be really fun but also extremely rewarding as a personal accomplishment. ”

Tom Ewer

Inventor, Supreme Footwear

Richard Started Something new
Start inventing today!

Richard Engelbrink was working on inventions everyday. You don’ have to wait. Get out there now to start your idea process. Start by analyzing the world around you. Then find the areas that need improvement. Find the amount of improvement you want to see and take note of that measurement. Then start tinkering to find ways to close that gap in performance. Like Richard Engelbrink, you will be applying for your first patent before you know it!

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